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Welcome to the Arcorame website
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Welcome to the Arcorame website

Arcorame is the art of the body and the soul and of what links them
body soul

The areas of Arcorame are health,
wellbeing , deep relaxation,
spiritual life and the search for meaning…

The basis of Arcorame is mainly to listen
to the body with attention to be aware
of the movements of the soul.

Arcorame is the fruit of Ariane Chesaux
and Susanna Streiff’s development
and collaboration.

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Arcorame is practised in a state of meditation.
When we lead the person into the centre of the meditation, he/she will contact his/her life and personal world. 
The accompanying therapist will direct his/her sensations to find the essence. 
The session begins within their mingled presences .

Arcorame is welcoming. It encourages a verbal and non verbal dialogue between the accompanied person and the accompanying therapist, using one of the approaches listed on the left.
The ultimate goal of Arcorame is to find out who we are, to discover our inner self.

Much of our discomfort comes from a poor understanding of these inner feelings.
For example : stress, ailments, pain, fear and anxiety are all expressions of a spirit which is suffering : our soul is struggling to be heard.
These messages contain their answers.

During the arcorame session, recurrent questions are echoed and a deeper self-awareness arises. Little by little or suddenly, a sense of meaning and a better understanding of what hinders find a way out.

Self-confidence grows and the individual’s relationship with the world is transformed, leading to a new taste of life.
Awareness of " what is " leads to an understanding of " what is still unknown ".

An opening out occurs which is the evidence
of a unity between body and soul.